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How to configure CMS on your firewall

Firmware Version supported: 4.5 and above

In this document we will guide you through the configuration of CMS on your firewall.

1. First go to Definitions -> Hosts. The following screen appears


2. Click on Graphical user interface, text, applicationDescription automatically generated icon. The following screen appears

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Specify the Host ID and Host IP

HOST ID: A name given to the IP address defined below.

This name does not have to be the hostname of the IP address given. It can be any name which can be associated with the IP address

HOST IP: IP address (IPv4 / IPv6) of the host defined above.

3. Now go to Management -> CMS and Configure CMS Server by selecting the appropriate CMS Server from the drop-down list

Congratulations, you have successfully configured CMS server on your firewall.

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