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How to configure L2TP over IPSec on your firewall

This section contains information about the parameters required to define the VPN tunnel.

Default Policy will by default be pre-configured with factory settings. You’ll have to create a new policy for L2TP.

  1. L2TP VPN Policy Settings

Go to VPN --> IPSec --> Policy

Note- Policy configuration is required to setup a L2TP tunnel. You can configure L2TP with both ISPs

  1. L2TP VPN Tunnel Configuration

Go to VPN --> IPSec --> Tunnels

Note- You’ll have to select L2TP in VPN type option since the configuration is L2TP over IPSec.

3.         L2TP Configuration

Go to VPN -> L2TP -> L2TP Options

Specify the following fields:

Server IP: Public IP of Firewall.

IP Range: When Users connect through VPN, that time users get the IP address from the above defined range.

Local IP: Firewall local LAN IP.

4.         Create a VPN User

Go to VPN -> Local User -> VPN Users

You can create a new user or modify an existing VPN user

5.         Rules for L2TP VPN

Go to Firewalls -> Policies -> Rules

Configure the 3 rules as specified above.

NOTE: If a user has 2 ISPs, he will have to configure 2 tunnels, second time with the second ISP as the destination. (If user wants to configure L2TP with both the ISPs)

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