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How to configure Dynamic DNS on your firewall

In order to configure Dynamic DNS, go to Configuration -> Dynamic DNS -> Dynamic DNS Configure and press the  icon.

The following screen appears:

Specify the following fields:

  • Host Name: Specify a name to identify the host that you want to use on DDNS server. It is the domain name that you registered with your DDNS service provider.

  • Interface: Select ISP Interface.

  • Select NATed Public IP: This option is used when Public IP is not in Gajshield Firewall.

  • Service Provider: Select the Service provider with whom you have registered your hostname.

  • User Name: Specify your DDNS account’s Username.

  • Password: Specify your DDNS account’s Password

Once you have specified the fields above, click on the "Add" button.

You have now successfully configured Dynamic DNS on your firewall.

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