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GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.42

GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.42

MD5Sum :8fe9e0b7c39d4c531814aed80e1cdfbb

Dated : 3rd June, 2024, 18:15 Hrs


We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest firmware update! This update brings a host of enhancements, including the highly anticipated SSL VPN ISP failover feature, bolstered security in IPSec VPN, and various bug fixes for improved performance and stability.

With SSL VPN ISP failover, you can now ensure uninterrupted connectivity by seamlessly switching between ISPs, providing greater reliability for your network. Additionally, the enhanced security measures in IPSec VPN offer added peace of mind, keeping your data safe and secure.

We are committed to continuously improving our products to meet your evolving needs. Upgrade to the latest firmware today and experience the difference!

Important : -
                      1. Do not unzip the firmware file, upload the firmware in same format.
                      2. Please upload the GAJ OS Bulwark firmware version 4.42 on appliance having GAJ OS Bulwark firmware version 4.5 and above, upto 4.42.

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