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How to configure AD on your firewall

Firmware Version supported: 4.5 and above

Active Directory is Microsoft's trademarked directory service, an integral part of the Windows architecture. Active Directory is a centralized and standardized system that automates network management of user data, security, and resources.

Step 1: Create a service group on the firewall by going to Definitions -> Protocols and Services -> Configure Service Group.

Step 2: Create a host by going to Definitions-> Hosts and add ADServer as a host by specifying the appropriate IP Address.

Step 3: Now create the rules for allowing AD service through the GajShield firewall by going to Firewall -> Policies -> Rules

You will need to add a rule by going on Firewall -> Policies -> Rules & use ADServer in services tab, to allow the firewall to access the Active Directory Server as shown below.

NOTE: After adding the firewall rules, install the firewall policies by going to Firewall -> Policies -> Install Policies

Step 4: Now go to Configuration -> User Management -> Active Directory and configure AD as shown below.

Workgroup name: Type you domain name without abbreviation. (Example: Domain name is, only insert testdc).

Server name: Insert the host name / NetBIOS name of the server.

Domain name: Insert Domain name. (Example: Domain name is, insert the same).

Server IP: Select the Domain controller LAN IP Host.

Username: Provide username of an administrator or any user with administrative right. (Recommended is administrator user).

Password: Insert password of the user in the Username field.

Enable Group Synchronization: Check if you want to enable user group synchronization from active directory.

Join Active Directory Domain

Join Active Directory Domain: After adding active directory settings, click on Join button to join active directory domain server.

Synchronize Active Directory Users

Synchronize Active Directory Users: After joining the active directory domain server, click on Synchronize button to synchronize active directory domain server users and groups.

NOTE: You will have to specify Active Directory option by going to Browsing -> Setup -> Browsing Options, tick on userSense and specify Active Directory from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: Active Directory domain groups will only synchronize if "Enable Group Synchronization" is selected under Active Directory Settings.

Thus, you have configured AD on your firewall.

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