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199 records found
TitleDescriptionDocument Date
GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.4GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.4 MD5Sum :d9f53dceb98c5b91b6a383747cc5e7ac Dated : 1st&n...1st April 2021
GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.3GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.3 MD5Sum : 2977eba7c5620e7e1b19b4f85361a82a Dated :...15th December 2020
GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.2GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.2 MD5Sum : 2217da5b8bf0dd749d5b0abda0306dd8 NOTE: Before up...5th August 2020
GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.1GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.1 MD5Sum : 1e4a1f5e897edc08ddcfe60d1534f464 NOTE: Before upgradi...3rd December 2019
Remote Syslog Open Port PatchRemote Syslog Open Port Patch MD5Sum : 1cf427ce2ee18a9c3626b25da116822c Dated : 21st J...21st June 2019
GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.0GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.0 MD5Sum : 71348947145ed7477ee0165cb9bbd3a5 NOTE: Before upgradi...5th April 2019
WebUI Patch to Support TLSv1.2WebUI Patch to Support TLSv1.2 MD5Sum : fc6a33f8c97ac5e35bc7d792e595fff0 Dated : 9th Marc...12th March 2019
Firmware v3.1GajShield DC / NU Series Firmware v3.1 MD5Sum :dd3af1d7585435fe8c525bf0c54dd480 Dated : 1...13th June 2018
How to Setup PPTP VPN Dialer on Windows 7In order to configure PPTP VPN Dialer on Windows 7, click on below link. 7th May 2018
Quick Start GuideThis guide will help you to quickly setup your GajShield appliance. GajShield UPTM bring in the v...12th February 2018