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GajShield Appliance / Subscription Registration and license updatePrerequisite APPLIANCE KEY OF YOUR APPLIANCE CUSTOMER KEY PROVIDED BY GAJSHIELD RESE...2nd February 2017
After connecting our GajShield firewall, there is an option to upload license, how to I get the license ?GajShield appliances can be registered using service keys provided by your reseller partner. Inca...17th May 2016
How do I update customer account details ?You can update your existing Customer Account details by following the steps given below. 1.&nbs...27th September 2015
How to Generate Permanent License using Customer KeyClick on the manual below to generate permanent license using your customer key18th June 2015
I have forgotten password of GajShield Customer Portal. What do I do now?If you have forgotten your Password of GajShield Customer Portal, follow the steps mentioned belo...18th June 2015
I have forgotten Email Address for GajShield Customer Portal. What do I do now?To access GajShield Customer Portal, your Registered Email Address and Password are required. In ...18th June 2015
Where can I find the GajShield Serial Number of my Appliance ?The Serial Number is a unique identity of the appliance.   The Serial Number is required f...18th June 2015
How do I renew Subscriptions of my GajShield appliances?  Renewal of existing subscription modules can be done in two steps:   Order ...18th June 2015
How do I view my Registration and Subscription details on GajShield Appliance?You can view the Subscription details either via the dashboard or at Management:License:ShowLicen...18th June 2015