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  • New Firmware release for DC series, will be available here.

  • How to's for DC series firewall, which will easy firewall configuration.

  • Articles related to various definitions of objects in GajShield DC series appliances

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TitleDescriptionDocument Date
How to change the default password of superuser ?Firmware Version: 4.5 and above To change the default password of superuser, follow these step...9th December 2022
How to block sexual / pornographic content on GajShield ?Firmware Version: 4.5 and above To block sexual content on GajShield, follow these steps &nbs...7th December 2022
How to add local users on GajShield FirewallsGajShield Firmware: 4.5 and above To add local users on GajShield Firewall login into your fir...7th December 2022
Remote Syslog Open Port PatchRemote Syslog Open Port Patch MD5Sum : 1cf427ce2ee18a9c3626b25da116822c Dated : 21st J...21st June 2019
WebUI Patch to Support TLSv1.2WebUI Patch to Support TLSv1.2 MD5Sum : fc6a33f8c97ac5e35bc7d792e595fff0 Dated : 9th Marc...12th March 2019
How to Setup PPTP VPN Dialer on Windows 7In order to configure PPTP VPN Dialer on Windows 7, click on below link. 7th May 2018
How do I update customer account details ?You can update your existing Customer Account details by following the steps given below. 1.&nbs...27th September 2015
From where do I change the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) value of any GajShield Appliance Network Interface?Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is the largest physical packet size, in bytes, that a network can...19th June 2015
Can I create custom regular expression to be used in DLP policiesYes, you can create your own customer regular expression which can be used in your DLP policies. ...19th June 2015
Can I configure a range of ports for a single service in GajShield?Yes, you can do that while configuring a Service. Here you can specify a range of ports either in...19th June 2015