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TitleDescriptionDocument Date
GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.24GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.24 MD5Sum : df82c14c2e57cc4835ca9fbe7128a624 Dated : 1st...1st December 2022
How to configure PPTP on your firewallYou can create PPTP connections to allow remote users to connect to connect using the windows PPT...8th November 2022
How to create firewall rules to access local server from the internet (destination NAT (DNAT) rule) or port forwardingA destination NAT rule redirects traffic that is sent to a specified destination. There may be ti...5th November 2022
GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.23GAJ OS Bulwark Firmware v4.23 MD5Sum : 53316b66ffbf25db7b1de3a5b94112b7 Dated : 1st...2nd November 2022
How to configure L2TP over IPSec on your firewallThis section contains information about the parameters required to define the VPN tunnel. ...1st November 2022
How to configure Dynamic DNS on your firewallIn order to configure Dynamic DNS, go to Configuration -> Dynamic DNS -> Dynamic DNS Config...1st November 2022
How to configure port forwarding using the port forwarding tabIn this document, we are going to guide you through with the port forwarding configuration using ...1st November 2022
How to configure DLP policy to block personal facebook loginNOTE: Before you begin DLP configuration it is important to check if the DLP service is running. ...1st November 2022
How to configure time quota on your firewall This document will guide you through the steps to configure time quota on your firewall. ...29th October 2022
How to block/allow URL or application for a period of time using time based scheduleTo add a new timeline, Go to Definitions -> Time Schedule and click onicon. The following scre...28th October 2022